Products that enable consumers to save steps in their cooking, such as sauces, bases for soups and pasta

GBfoods has a solution for all those who want to take care of their family or friends instead of spending their time cooking: a wide range of homemade sauces and broths, so you can enjoy great healthy food.

The wet bouillon in cartons has been successfully developed by GBfoods in Spain and Italy. In Spain, Gallina Blanca leads the market with more than ten recipes. The main advantages are its 100% natural ingredients and the three-hour cooking process, which delivers a truly homemade taste. In Italy, Star enjoys dominant leadership with five recipes, all made with 100% natural ingredients.

In Italy Star is the only brand present in all the segments of ready-to-eat sauces, offering consumers all the solutions to cook a tasty pasta dish easily, from the simplest and purest tomato-derived sauces to the more elaborate recipes such as Ragù and Pesto. Star Gran Ragù has been the uncontested leader in the meat sauces market, and the favourite Ragù of  Italian families for more than 50 years. Tigullio Star is a traditional Pesto alla Genovese, inspired from the original recipe from Liguria and highly valued by consumers for its artisanal texture.

In Holland, Grand’Italia has been the brand leader of the pasta and pasta sauces markets for almost 30 years. Thanks to its wide range, Grand’Italia helps Dutch families to easily cook delicious, authentic and varied Italian dishes every day with carefully selected high-quality ingredients.