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At GBfoods we are very proud of how we work together. And nothing represents this better than our Values and Behaviours.



Care beyond yourself: team, community & planet

We  go beyond teamwork, caring and developing others
We  are mindful on the impact to the planet
We  take action to make a difference to the communities we belong



Bring your best and unique self

We  bring our best self to grow our impact
We  encourage diversity and respect different points of view
We  are transparent, telling things like they are



Stay close and have a local mindset

We  actively communicate (and listen!)
We  are accessible, promoting open dialogues
We  care about local consumers’ and customers’ needs



Raise the bar! Trust and empower your team

We  empower colleagues through inspiration, guidance and support
We  own projects with proactivity and excellence
We  behave ethically and responsibly



Celebrate and show passion in everything you do

We  act with enthusiasm and a positive attitude
We  show passion for food and local recipes
We  celebrate colleagues' successes (and our own), learning from fail

Our team

What really makes us who we are

Isabella Rabolini

Trade Marketing Director

Since I joined GBfoods 11 years ago it has been an exciting journey across marketing, sales and trade marketing assignments. This company gives me the opportunity to face new business challenges every day, making me grow professionally, enriching my vision and forcing me to give my best in every single project.

Milan, Italy

Julián Pastor

IT Security Coordinator

GBfoods ambition and continuous growth has given me the chance to work with several cultures and evolve as professional. It is a pleasure to be part of this incredible and dynamic family!

Barcelona, Spain

Elena Efimovich

Accounting Manager

GBfoods has given me the opportunity to realize my dreams: interesting work, getting invaluable experience, professional growth, wonderful colleagues. The company supported me in my goals, studies and helped to build my career. I am proud to be the part of this company!

Bor, Russia

Rafael Berjano

Production Technician

Since I joined GBfoods 9 years ago, I have had the chance to work in several different processes and advanced technology, always with a great team who has helped me to develop myself both personally and professionally. I highlight the period in Agrate collaborating with the Brodo Star production line launch, that allowed me to share experiences with colleagues from another country and learn from their culture and their language. Unforgettable!

Miajadas, Spain

Walter Essah

Customer Service Manager

Working in GBfoods gives me the opportunity be in touch with very experienced people that are shaping my professional life for good. With the implementation of SAP in Ghana, my sense of belonging is higher and it has shaped my decision making to be more accountable at each level of the distribution channel in Ghana. I feel I am part of a historic moment of GBfoods!

Accra, Ghana

Wesley Smit

Senior Key Account Manager

Since my start at GBfoods 4,5 years ago I have been able to develop myself professionally but also personally, I benefit enormously from this both in business and in private live. The structure, culture and atmosphere of GBfoods makes this possible together with a great team of colleagues. The goals of GBfoods also ensure that you are constantly challenged, enthusiastic and motivated to get the best out of yourself and your team.

Den Haag, Holland

Our job opportunities

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