Tomato paste and sauces

Sauces is one of the most developed categories around the world.

In Africa, GBfoods offers a wide range of high quality tomato paste based products. Gino double concentrated tomato paste and tomato mix enhance the taste of every dish they are added to and make every meal a celebration. Gino Magic Tomato Seasoning Mix is a perfect blend of the richness of tomato paste with added seasoning flavours. Pomo Tomato Mix makes your family dishes simply irresistible. Jumbo double concentrated tomato which is produced with the best quality raw tomatoes.

On top of tomato based products, GBfoods also brings you one of the favourite spreads among all age groups: Mayonnaise. Bama Mayonnaise is made from the best quality vegetable oils and pasteurised eggs, it is spiced just right to titillate the taste buds and its smooth texture is a pleasure to slather on sandwiches and to enjoy with crunchy vegetables.

In Italy, Star is the only brand present in all ready-to-eat sauce segments, offering consumers all the solutions to cook a tasty pasta dish easily, from the simplest and purest tomato-derived sauces to the more elaborate recipes such as Ragù and Pesto. Star Gran Ragù has been the uncontested leader in the meat sauces market, and the favourite Ragù of Italian families for more than 50 years. Tigullio Star is a traditional Pesto alla Genovese, inspired from the original recipe from Liguria and highly valued by consumers for its artisanal texture.

In Holland, Grand’Italia has been the brand leader of the pasta sauces market for more than 30 years. Thanks to its wide product range of carefully selected high quality ingredients, Grand’Italia helps Dutch families to easily create delicious, authentic and varied Italian dishes every day.