Our policy


GBfoods is committed with the sustainability of the environment, sharing the efforts with our clients, consumers, shareholders, employees and society in general.

We take care to satisfy the current needs without compromising the future ones. This implies an enormous increase of the food needs, energy and water, and represents a huge world challenge.

We are deeply involved with this challenge along the whole life cycle of our products (from the design to the consumption of any product) and across any activity through:

  • Fulfilling the laws as well as the requirements of our clients and our owns, wherever we operate
  • Implementing and fixing objectives for the following actions lines:
    • sustainable production and committed with avoid “food waste”
    • optimization of our packaging
    • efficient management of the water
    • efficient and sustainable use of the energy
    • prevention of the climate change
  • Promoting the commitment of all employees with the sustainability, through a proper training and encouraging the participation in the achievement of the objectives to everyone.
  • Proactively collaborating with the stakeholders, advancing together in the creation of sustainable value.
  • Communicating of our commitments, objectives and results to all collaborators, suppliers, clients and consumers.
  • Implementing an Environmental Management System according to ISO14001 that allows us:
  • systematically evaluating and continuously improving our environmental impact
  • searching for major sustainability and the prevention of pollution


This policy applies to all GBfoods products, operations and activities.