We have a long history behind us and a big commitment for future generations

GBfoods can build on a rich history, going back more than 200 years in our oldest brand and walking across our leading brands in several countries worldwide. As a reflection of a company who celebrates local flavours, we have been in families’ kitchens for over a century and positioned ourselves as a deeply rooted part of local cultures.

We have been taking care of you and we are going on doing that with our tasty, safe, nutritious, and affordable products. And beyond it, we are taking care of you while considering our impact on the environment and the society and promoting circular economy practises in our daily activity.

Today, this is our commitment to future generations. And that is the reason we are aligning our business with strategies and initiatives that contribute to a better world.

The Sustainable Development Goals are our roadmap to align the whole value chain

As one of the biggest food producers worldwide, we have decided to act proactively and become a key player in the fight against climate change, by aligning the whole value chain (from the design of our products to its consumption and disposal) with the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

Our sustainable growth strategy is based in 6 main pillars:

  1. 1- Efficient use of energy and renewable energy sources


    Our commitment

    Increase the efficiency in our production processes by reducing the consumption of energy, and so, our global carbon footprint.


  2. 2- Less emissions to the atmosphere


    Our commitment

    Optimize our production processes in order to reduce the CO2 emissions per ton produced in all our plants and by our logistics, as well as to promote an efficient use of the energy and a progressive conversion to more eco-friendly energy sources.


  3. 3- Maximization of recyclable or compostable packaging


    Our commitment

    Increase the use of recycled materials towards a circular economy.


  4. 4- Efficient management of water


    Our commitment

    Reduce our water consumption ensuring sustainable withdrawals in all the countries where we operate.


  5. 5- Reduction of waste


    Our commitment

    Reduce to the maximum the waste we generate by optimizing all our production processes and the efficient use of our resources.


  6. 6- Sustainable sourcing of raw materials


    Our commitment

    Boost a positive impact in the local communities by applying responsible standards from the very first: protecting the natural resources, ensuring a sustainable sourcing and dynamizing a sustainable growth in the region.