This non financial report includes the necessary information to understand the evolution, results, situation and impact of GBfoods activity with respect to: 

  • Environmental

  • Social issues and
    staff matters

  • Respect for
    Human Rights

  • Fight against corruption and bribery

  • Society


Find below some of the most remarkable aspects of this year's report:

1.   We are committed to the environment

We work to meet the needs of our consumers in the most responsible and environmentally friendly as possible, ensuring that we meet today’s needs without compromising resources for future generations. The 6 pillars in which GBfoods works on for a responsible environmental management are:

  • Sustainable and efficient energy use

  • Optimisation of packaging

  • Sustainable manufacturing

  • Efficient water management

  • Commitment to avoiding food waste

  • Prevention of climate change

2.   We defence and protect Human Rights

We have a corporate policy aligned with the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

To guarantee these commitments, the Corporate HR team establishes principles, procedures and objectives, while local HR teams are responsible for their development and implementation.

3.   We are committed to society and to local communities

The Better Food Program is aimed at working on the improvement of the nutritional profiles of our products and ensure proper labelling.

We collaborate with the Food Banks of Spain and Italy. In 2018, 439,220 Kg of food were donated.

We collaborate with several foundations in Africa such as:

    • Fundació Clarós, supporting its humanitarian missions throughout the African continent.
    • Hellen Keller International, with whom we have developed a project to enrich Jumbo with Vitamin A in order to combat the problems of blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency.
    • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with whom we collaborate to combat malnutrition in developing countries. The objective is to develop new enriched products that supply the nutritional deficits of the population of the African continent.

4.   We fight against corruption and bribery

We have a Code of Conduct that defines the principles, values and standards of conduct to be followed, among which there is the fight against corruption and fraud, as well as the prevention of money laundering. The company has made a firm commitment not to engage in any practices that could be considered irregular as well as not to conduct any business that could be considered corrupt. Employees must avoid any kind of interference or influence over clients, suppliers or third parties that could alter their professional impartiality and objectivity.

There is a channel accessible to all employees so they can report any potential breach of the Code of Conduct. All complaints received are managed in a strictly confidential way by the Ethics and Compliance Committee, guaranteeing the anonymity of the complainant. The management of complaints and the disciplinary system are detailed in the internal procedure of the whistleblower channel.

Additionally, we have a specific code of ethics applicable to all suppliers.


You can consult the complete report by downloading it here.