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Thank you for visiting our Website. Bear in mind that every time you access this website (hereinafter, the “Website”) you shall have accepted the terms and conditions of use in this Disclaimer, in the version posted on the Website at the time that you access it.

Therefore, take a few minutes to read this Disclaimer and if you do not agree with its rules, please leave the Website. This Disclaimer goes hand-in-hand with (i) the Cookies Policy and (ii) the Privacy Policy, which are also posted on this Website.

You are hereby informed that the terms “our”, “the company” and “GBfoods” refer to THE GB FOODS, S.A. and/or any of the companies in the Group and that we use them in the most suitable way on a case-by-case basis. “User” and “users” refer to any person who accesses and/or uses this Website.

1. Legal information

1.1 Corporate details of the owner of the domain name

Company name: THE GB FOODS, S.A.
Registered address: Plaza Europa 42, 08902, l’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona
NIF: A08503005
Telephone no.: 934395400
Company registry details: The company THE GB FOODS, S.A. is registered with the Companies Registry of Barcelona, on sheet number B-95833, volume 47413, folio 43.

1.2. Non-disclosure rules

THE GB FOODS undertakes to protect the privacy of all users when they are browsing our Website and other websites of the GBfoods Group.

THE GB FOODS abides by the commitments of Spain’s Code of Advertising Conduct for the Self-Regulation of Marketing Messages.

2. Industrial and intellectual property

2.1 Use of materials protected by intellectual or industrial property rights

The GBfoods is the owner (or licensee, depending of the case) of all of the materials that are posted on this Website (such as videos, images, any audiovisual content, as well as any software – including modifications and updates, brand names, trademarks, know-how, copyrights, domain names, etc.) or they are owned by other companies that belong to the GBfoods Group or other related parties. Thus, the users may not make public or commercial use of the materials, contents and/or services, nor may they make any other use of them in any manner whatsoever, unless they have the written authorisation to do so from their owners to make such use or intended use of them.

The use shall not acquire any intellectual or industrial property from merely using our Website or any of its functionalities. The use of our Website does not imply the granting of authorisation or a licence of use of the content for purposes other than those set forth herein.

In view of the foregoing, any partial or full copy, reproduction, transformation modification, processing, distribution, public disclosure or any other use of the Website, its content, applications, source codes, designs, look and feel is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the user understands and agrees that she/he is not allowed to decompile, perform reverse engineering or any other type of work on the software that ensures the Website and the services contained on it work and are accessible.

Bear in mind that any violation of any of the provisions set forth herein shall authorise The GBfoods to take any appropriate legal actions.

2.2 Contents and recipes submitted by users

The users must be aware that by submitting contents and recipes created by them (as a result of taking part in a competition or promotion, for instance), unless other provisions have been put in place in accordance with the specific circumstance of each case, THE GB FOODS, S.A. as the owner of the domain name shall become the sole owner of the copyright of such materials.

Any such copyright shall not be subject to any time, geographic or legal restrictions whatsoever. Therefore, The GBfoods shall hold all of the exploitation rights on the intellectual property of such materials worldwide for the maximum term of legal protection, and we may use them for commercial purposes. Should you wish to keep the copyright, remember to include your name or that of the holding company in question and the © symbol in everything that you send to us.

We may not be held liable for the consequences that the voluntary, consensual or intentional display by the users of images, photographs, videos of a user and/or her/his family environment may entail for you, your family, friends and/or close family or third parties. Remember that posting comments, scores for recipes, photographs, pictures and texts, as may be the case, on this Website is totally voluntary and consensual.

3. Personal data protection

No personal data shall be required of you in order to visit our Website. However, should the users decide to take part in one way or another in our promotional campaigns, prize draws or competitions, or to apply for a position on our Job Notice Board or to send us enquiries, certain personal data shall be requested, such as their name an email address.

For further details about the use of your personal details by THE GB FOODS, please see our Privacy Policy, in which the rights that you may exercise for managing your data are also established.

3.1 Participation in competitions and promotions

Details about the processing of personal data as a result of taking part in competitions and promotions shall be given in the rules of the competition or promotion in question and, if applicable, in all other information provided in respect of this matter and, specifically, in our Privacy Policy.

3.2 Cookies

Should you require any specific information about the cookie technology used on this Website, please see our Cookies Policy here.

4. Disclaimers

4.1 On information

THE GB FOODS provides its users with pieces of information, which, despite being compiled by experts in the sector and the care taken in drawing them up, may contain inaccuracies or errors, or they may not be up to date when a user accesses them.

Therefore, THE GB FOODS assumes no liability whatsoever for their truthfulness, accuracy, suitability or propriety, nor for the update of the information, potential typographical, factual or numerical errors that the information provided on this Website may contain. The contents of this Website are for information purposes only, as a result of which we may not be held liable for any decisions taken by the user based on them, nor for any damages the user or third parties may incur on the basis of this information.

4.2 On the availability and quality of the service

Given the technical uncertainties involved in using the Internet, THE GB FOODS reserves the right to temporarily suspend the use of the Website for technical or maintenance reasons.

Although THE GB FOODS shall make every reasonable endeavour to limit such interruptions or disconnections, the company may not be held liable for any damage whatsoever caused to the user due to telecommunications network failures or disconnections that give rise to the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Website service during or prior to its use. The suspension of these services shall not entitle the user to any kind of compensation.

Furthermore, THE GB FOODS reserves the right to introduce any changes to its services and software programs, at any time with no prior warning whatsoever.

The materials and information on this Website have been solely designed for users in Spain. THE GB FOODS is unable to guarantee that the contents on this Website are suitable or available in all countries and languages, or in geographical areas outside of Spain.

THE GB FOODS shall not make any disclosures about the results obtained from the use of this Website. Therefore, neither The GBfoods nor its administrators, directors, employees or attorneys-in-fact may be held liable under any circumstances for any incidental or actual damages, including, but not limited to, the loss of data or business opportunities arising from the use of this Website.

THE GB FOODS may likewise not be held liable for any losses or damages sustained by the user as a result of the unsuitable use of the Website or in the event that the user breached the terms and conditions contained on this Website, or failed to follow the instructions given to the user on the Website or through any other channel made available for this purpose.

4.3 On contents accessed on or through the Website

This Website has links to other websites (hereinafter, “Linked Websites”). The links are provided in good faith, but THE GB FOODS may not be held liable for any subsequent modifications that may be made to the Linked Websites. We strongly recommend that you keep yourself informed and carefully read the disclaimers and privacy policies on all other websites that you visit.

The company assumes no liability whatsoever for the contents and services offered on the Linked Websites by other information society service providers, as a result of which it shall not be answerable for any damages caused by their illegality, quality, failure to update, error or unavailability.

If you believe that any of the Linked Websites has contents that are illegal, unsuitable or discordant with the provisions of this Disclaimer, or if you become aware of any other incident, you may report this to THE GB FOODS at, which shall take the links or contents down in the shortest possible delay.

Furthermore, THE GB FOODS may not be held liable for any third-party contents (such as comments, photographs, videos, chats, forums, newsgroups, etc.) that are unlawful, damage the assets or rights of third parties or are in breach of what has been set forth in this Disclaimer, and, likewise, it reserves the right to amend or, if necessary, immediately withdraw such contents or information from the Website, none of which shall give rise to indemnity of any kind to the user responsible for posting such contents or information on this Website.

5. Licence for links

The users and, in general, any individuals who wish to set up a link on their website to this Website must fulfil the terms and conditions that are set out below. Any other intention to post a link other than as stipulated in this clause shall require the prior written consent to do so of The GBfoods.

  • The user may not reproduce, imitate, either in full or in part, the content of the Website, nor its look or feel, make frames or post deep links on THE GB FOODS’ web pages.
  • Any third-party links to this Website must be to their home page.
  • No browsers, frames, browser environments or bars may be created on the Website’s pages.
  • No false, inaccurate, incorrect or denigrating statements or slurs may be made about the Website, THE GB FOODS or any of its property and, specifically, no remarks may be made nor may it be implied that THE GB FOODS works with, is in partnership with and/or in any way has supervised or taken responsibility for the contents and services offered or made available on the website to which a link has been posted.
  • Websites on which a link has been posted may not contain any trademark, trade name, business signage, corporate name, logo, slogan or other distinctive symbols belonging to THE GB FOODS, except for those signs that form part of Linked Websites or any other Properties that have been licensed beforehand by THE GB FOODS.
  • Linked Websites may not contain unlawful information or contents, or that go against moral decency, generally accepted standards of good conduct and public order.

The GBfoods reserves the right to take any legal actions to which it may be entitled against anyone who violates the above conditions.

6. Other exclusions

The GBfoods reserves the right to take any legal actions to which it may be entitled against anyone who violates the following exclusions:

6.1 Using any of the contents or services for unlawful intent or purposes that are prohibited in this Disclaimer, damage the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any other way may damage, disable, overload, impair or impede the normal use of the services, hardware, documents, files or any other content stored on our computers.

6.2 Introducing viruses or any other physical or electronic components that could damage or prevent the normal running of the network, IT equipment (hardware and software) belonging to us or third parties that could damage electronic documents and files stored on such IT equipment.

6.3 Obtaining or even trying to obtain the contents by using media or procedures, as may be the case, other than those generally made available to you for this purpose or those commonly used on the Internet, which are only enabled if they do not entail a risk of damaging or disabling the Website, its services and/or contents.

6.4 Making use of any of the services offered or that may be offered on this Website (such as chats, forums and newsgroups) for profit or in such a way that involves or may involve damage to or unfair competition against the Website and THE GB FOODS (that is, conduct such as diverting traffic to another website).

6.5 In short, therefore, the user undertakes not to remove, erase, alter, manipulate or in any way whatsoever modify any notes, captions, instructions or symbols that either THE GB FOODS or the legitimate owners of rights may add to their intellectual or industrial property (such as ©, ® or ™). The same applies to technical protection or identification devices that may be found in the contents (such as watermarks and digital fingerprints).

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Disclaimer and any matters related to its interpretation, performance or non-performance shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law, notwithstanding any EU regulations and international treaties to which they may be subject.

For any legal disputes related to this Website, The GBfoods and the user hereby submit, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse, to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Spain). The foregoing is notwithstanding any other competent jurisdiction that may be enforced pursuant to EU regulations or other international treaties, whenever applicable.

8. Updates and changes

This Disclaimer may be subject to updates, corrections or modifications from time to time, in which case the updated version shall be posted on our Website.

We therefore urge you to regularly review it to check whether modifications have been made.

Last update: October 2021